2017 year of Metal Liquid Lipsticks

2017 year of Metal Liquid Lipsticks

By now I’m sure everyone reading this has bought matte liquid lipsticks between 2015 to today. Almost every makeup brand has their own versions of this, some extremely drying and some comfortable. But last year Kylie Cosmetics started yet another trend: Metallic liquid lipsticks and every company started to create their own Metallic liquid lipsticks. Anyway so far I’ve tested four of these formulas and I am pleased to say I am truly impressed by them and I wanted to share them with you.


Lana (burnt bronze) from Lime Crime. These are super lightweight. $20.


IMG_3401Pure matteness from Milani is lighter than it looks here being that trendy brown mauve. The colour payoff from these is crazy. $9.



Zebra from Colourpop is the perfect rose gold metallic lip colour. $6.



Dancer from Kylie Cosmetics is a bright burgundy, however this is no longer available but they have other metals available. $18.

These do dry down to that slightly tacky feeling, but I  have found the best way to wear these metals are with a lipliner under them since they don’t exactly have the staying power of regular liquid mattes. Also, I have linked the websites for all of these products for you in the descriptions. I hope you like them and you found this a little useful! Until next time, from the Lips of Lyds.