Holy grail daytime serum!


Hey Everyone,

After months of having my website I’m now getting a chance to post my first blog. So please be patient if its not perfect quite yet!  The product I’m talking about today is the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir.( I have the night time one too will post my review soon). Also I know i’m kinda late with this review but I wanted to give it a good 3 months usage before to give my thoughts. First of all, the packaging is simple but still sturdy. The scent is kind of strong but I like it! Basically its a beauty serum with gold flakes in it.

There are many ways I use this elixir daily; Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy or I’m late I’ll just put this on and some lipstick and it will give my skin a glowing moisturized look without leaving it oily and on days I do wear makeup I’ll mix this in with my foundation and it makes my face look natural and dewy but still covered! this serum is also perfect for wearing under liquid lippies or any lippies for that matter, it saves them from cracking on your lips but won’t give that horrible tacky feeling from using lip balm as a base! I recently went to Guyana and crap did my skin change from dry to oily real quick, but this worked really well even in that high humidity! Over all this is a Holy Grail product because it does everything it says it will and more. Plus it works on every skin type!

So tell me if you guys try this and love this product, hate it , and any other ways you might use it!

Until next time from the lips of Lyds!

Here is the link to the website

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